ProAcqua partners with Perth Homeless Support Group


Perth Homeless Support Group was established on Tuesday (21 January) and has already garnered 479 followers. The man behind the group, Ron Reid, makes a habit of visiting the city to hand out food and cool drinks to those on the streets. He is a hairdresser by trade but extremely passionate about helping those in need.

On Tuesday, Ron purchased some ProAcqua smartcards and handed them out to homeless people in the CBD so they’d have a steady supply of filtered, refrigerated water during the hot weather (ProAcqua machines allow users to fill up their own bottle with still or sparkling micro-filtered, refrigerated water for 40 cents a litre).

When ProAcqua CEO, Joe Muscara, found out about Ron’s efforts he was extremely impressed and has pledged to provide ongoing support to the Group. He’s kicking it off by donating 100 stainless steel, BPA-free water bottles and some smart cards to be distributed to Perth’s homeless. He’s also providing the smartcards at cost to the Group moving forwards.

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