ProAcqua is leading the charge in Australia with its commitment to reducing plastic bottle waste through its innovative water delivery systems.

We provide Restaurants, Cafes, and Hotels with the means to filter and bottle your own chilled still and sparkling water which gives you the potential to add thousands of dollars to your bottom line each year.


With a ProAcqua HRC you can filter and bottle your own chilled still and sparkling water, giving you the potential to add thousands of dollars to your bottom line each year.

We provide tailored made solutions for your business. Our award winning Italian designed and manufactured water filtration system enables significant reduction in the cost of providing high quality still and sparkling water. There are no upfront costs.

Reduce the amount of plastic and glass bottle waste and eliminate storage and refrigeration costs.

Our range of machines are designed to suit all layouts and we can provide specially designed reusable glass water bottles. Plus you have the option to support the ‘Whole World Water’ initiative, helping millions of people around the world secure access to clean, safe drinking water.

ProAcqua water solutions – a new way of doing business.


“ It really is a win-win for everyone by increasing profits, reducing energy costs and increasing rental and fridge space we are also eliminating the waste from bottled water.“

– Maurizio’s Restaurant and Event Catering

“Our customers love our still and sparkling water. The ProAcqua Water machine eliminates the need to store bottled water – and its saving us a lot of money. It’s a great investment to our business.”

– Nicky Doughty Funtastico Subiaco