With a ProAcqua HRC you can filter and bottle your own chilled
and sparkling water, giving you the potential to add thousands of
dollars to your bottom line each year.

  • Award winning Italian designed and manufactured water
    filtration system
  • Enables significant reduction in the cost of providing high
    quality still and sparkling water
  • No upfront costs

New HRC model


Freestanding Unit
Height: 1520mm / Width: 580mm / Depth: 480mm)

  • Reduces plastic and glass bottle waste and eliminate storage
    and refrigeration
  • Machines designed to suit all layouts
  • Specially designed reusable glass water bottles can be supplied
  • Plus an option to support the ‘Whole World Water’ initiative,
    helping millions of people around the world secure access to
    clean, safe drinking water

New Cube model

Bench Top Unit
(Height: 620mm / Width: 580mm / Depth: 480mm)


Matilda Bay

By installing a ProAcqua machine, you’ll have the opportunity to help the one billion people in the world who don’t have access to clean and safe water through the celebrity-endorsed Whole World Water initiative. ProAcqua is bringing Whole World Water to the Australian and

New Zealand hospitality industry. Whole World Water unites the hospitality and tourism industries to help eradicate this issue. Founded by Karena Albers and Jenifer Willig, the organisation is supported by Richard Branson, Edward Norton and many other high profile personalities.


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