City of Fremantle beats the heat and takes the lead in the battle against plastic bottles


Fremantle is helping its residents to beat the heat whilst taking the lead in the environmental battle against the 370 million plastic water bottles that end up in landfill each year with the installation of its second ProAcqua machine at the Kings Square and the Esplanade Park.

Environmental advocate and Fremantle Mayor, Dr Brad Pettitt will officially launch the Kings Square machine which will allow users to refill their existing water bottles with refrigerated, micro-filtered still and sparkling water for just $0.40 per litre.

Australia’s use of bottled water currently generates more than 60 thousand tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year and is responsible for 145 million litres of petroleum use.

ProAcqua CEO, Joe Muscara says the positive environmental and financial benefits of the machines cannot be overstated.

“The impact the bottled water industry has on our environment is nothing short of devastating,” said Mr Muscara.

“By reusing and refilling their bottles, or better yet using stainless steel bottles, people won’t just be helping their hip pocket, they’ll be significantly reducing landfill and helping eliminate one of the biggest killers of our marine life.”

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