Our Water

ProAcqua Water Refill Stations (WRSs) are a modern, high-tech version of a public drinking fountain. They provide users with micro-filtered, instantly chilled, still or sparkling water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water. The WRS’s draw their water from local town water supply where the water travels through a filtration and UV light sanitising process before being instantly chilled at the time of purchase. The dispenser nozzle also contains a UV sanitising light to ensure there is no bacterial cross-contamination.

ProAcqua’s’ sanitisation and decontamination process is computer monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

ProAcqua still and sparkling water is available in unlimited quantities.
Our WRSs are operated using a loyalty smartcard, which can be purchased at our online store or from nearby retailers.

Alternatively, credit cards may also now be used at most refill stations.
** Additional charges apply (Visa & Mastercard only accepted)

Once our customers have a smartcard, they can visit any ProAcqua WRS in Australia, select the quantity they need, choose between still or sparkling and start pouring.

Download the ProAcqua App to find your nearest location and retailer.