Giving Back

In the short time ProAcqua has been in Perth, we’ve been getting a lot of support. Some of the prominent community members and organisations showing ProAcqua some love are:

Perth Homeless Support Group

Perth Homeless Support Group

We donate our stainless steel BPA-free water bottles and smartcards to Perth Homeless Support Group for their volunteers to distribute to the city’s homeless. This gives some of Perth’s most vulnerable residents 24-hour access to clean, cold water and throughout the year, which is especially important during our hot summer months.


Whole World Water

Nearly one billion people don’t have access to clean and safe water. Whole World Water unites the hospitality and tourism industries to help eradicate this issue. Founded by Karena Albers and Jenifer Willig, the organisation is supported by Richard Branson, Edward Norton and many other high profile personalities.

To learn more, visit:

ProAcqua is bringing the Whole World Water initiative to the Australian and New Zealand hospitality industry. Keep an eye out for ProAcqua in your local restaurant and café.



Founded by Jon Dee and Pat Cash, DoSomething! is a not-for-profit organisation which aims to create and promote positive social and environmental change by:

  • Building alliances between councils, businesses, government and the community; and
  • Identifying problems and then finding answers that achieve measurable benefits for the environment, community and Australian business.

ProAcqua is collaborating with DoSomething! on their ‘Go Tap’ campaign, which aims to reduce plastic water bottle usage and its resulting pollution. To find out more visit: